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July 28, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
You honestly never thought Neko people existed, and if they did you never really pictured yourself Falling in love with one.
But that's where you found your self now.
"Hey _____!" You heard a certain Neko calling your name.

Your heart throbbed in your chest,
 "H-Hi Cheren," you stuttered as you spoke looking down to hide the crimson blush on your face.
"Guess what just happened," he came closer to you, increasing her blush.
"W-What?" You finally looked up.
"Bianca asked me out," 
You swore you just heard your heart crack and shatter into pieces.
"Oh really?" You asked
" Well I'm h-happy for you," you lied trying to hold back your tears.
"Yeah I wa-" 
You cut him off," I think I have to go home, m-my mom wants me," you walked off as quick as could. 
You ran home and ran into your room. You leaped onto your bed hugging your pillow, you turned to a photo frame which contained a picture of Cheren and you.
--—--- Cheren's POV -—-—---—
'Was _____ crying?' I thought to myself sitting on a tree stub.
'I swear she was,but wait her moms at work today right now' 
I got up to go check on her. She's been my best friend for quite some time now and it's my job as a best friend to talk to her.
I knocked on her door and got not a single sound in response.
I walked to the plant next to the door and stuck my hand in the pot digging out the slightly dirty silver key.
As her best friend I also know where her and her mom hide their spare key. I,as her best friend, also have a key of my own which is in my room. I unlocked the and let the door click before I turned the doorknob opening The wooden door, I set the spare key back in it's place. I walked into the house and removed my shoes on the brown mat also laying on the soft brown mat laid a pair of the sneakers which belonged to _____ and what was missing was the shoes of ______'s mother.
I approached the hard wooden steps and put one socked foot on the first step I pulled my foot back as I heard the shattering of glass and a horrid wince of _____ screaming in pain. 
-——--- Regular POV --—-–
I punched the glass frame the feeling of the glass collide with you (s/c) skin made you cry out in pain.
"______?!" You heard the door swing open accompanied by a familiar voice, "Are you okay? What's wrong?!" Cheren ran to your side looking at the your blood covered knuckle some blood splashed on your face as you turned to Cheren a tear stained face staring onto his.
He hugged you,"______ Why'd you do this?" He hugged you tighter. 
"Go away," you tried to keep the sobs out of your voice.
"No I wanna stay with you forever," 
You eyes widened at those words "W-What about B-Bianca?" 
He shook his head,"You never let me finish," his cat ears dropped.
"I was gonna ask you for ways I could kindly reject her s-so I could be with you," he pulled away from you pulling his handkerchief out to wipe away the tears infused with crimson drops.
"Now to get your wound wrapped up." He picked you up and set you bridal style and set you on the bed.
"I'll be back," he kissed you on the forehead.
He came back with some anti biotic spray and some wrap bandages.
"Stay still," he held your other hand and sprayed your hand. The feeling of the alcohol against your open wound made you wince out in pain.
"Y-You don't have to do this," You gave his hand a tight squeeze as he sprayed a little more.
"No as your best friend I have to,"  
You smiled as he wiped the spilling blood. Once most of the blood was cleared he wrapped your hand with the bandaid.
He left the room to get a broom and he swept up the glass and picked up the picture returning it to your desk.
He picked you up and put you under the cover, "You should sleep you've had a rough day," he kissed your head and was about to walk away from your side when he felt a tug on his blue jacket.
"I- W-Will y-yo-," He cut you off, "Of course I will," he crawled into bed with you pulling into his chest. 
"I love you ______," He smiled 
"I love you too," you snuggled into his chest
----—-–—-— When you're 17 -—-
You were siting on Cheren's bed with Cheren trying to decide what you 2 should do with his day off.
"Where should we go?"  He asked you 
"It doesn't matter to me," You shrugged your shoulder not sure what you wanted to do.
"It doesn't matter to me either, Wait I have a idea," he smirked and pulled you into his lap,"W-What's the idea?" You blushed at his sudden actions.
"Why don't we just stay here," He moved his lips to yours for a deep kiss you wrapped your arms against his neck as he licked your bottom lip nibbling slightly he moved his hands to your ass and gave it a nice tight squeeze making you yelp and moan at the same time, he used this as a opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. Out of the corner of your eye you noticed his tail swaying back and fourth as a sign of excitement.
His tongue licked the roof of your mouth feeling every inch of it, his hand feeling up your curves to come back to the hem of your shirt sneaking up your shirt massaging your breast. 
 You both pulled away for air panting he rested his head on the crook of your neck kissing it as he kept massaging your breast, he tugged your shirt off over your head and but his hands behind your back to fiddle with your bra hook.
With a snap your bra feel as he gently pushed you back onto the bed hands on either side of head. One of his hand moved back down to remove your bra. 
He massaged your breast again only a little rougher he rolled your nipple in between his slim fingers and he bent down and latched his mouth to your other nipple. 
"Ahh~ Cheren!" You moaned out loudly running your hands through his head he smiled against your nipple.
He used his tail to lift your skirt up and reveal your drenched lace panties. He used his cat tail to rub against your entrance as hard as he could,
"Ahh~," you moaned loudly, "Cheren~" 
He remove his mouth from your nipple and worked on undressing himself.
    Cheren unbuttoned his shirt and striped himself of his jacket and his shirt, for a slim guy he had quite the chest. 
He removed his skinny jeans revealing his black and white boxers with a huge lump in the middle.
He now needed to undress you, well what was left of your clothing, he pulled off your skirt only leaving you in your panties.
He laid a kiss on your entrance before pulling of your panties.
He looked at your soaked entrance before sticking in a single finger inside.
"Ahhh~! Cheren!!" You screamed out in both pleasure and surprise.
He smiled and added another finger stretching you out.
"Ooh~ Cheren ," you moaned.
he felt your walls tighten around his fingers and added another finger thrusting them in and out faster. You arched your back letting you juices come out. Cheren pulled out his fingers seductively licking his fingers.
"Wow ____ you taste really good,"
You blushed at his comment. He dipped his head down and licked up you
"Ahhhhh~ C-C-C-Cheren!" 
He smiled and put his tongue and stuck his tongue in deeper.
You grabbed the bed sheet as the knot in your stomach grew tighter and you released your juices again.
Cheren lifted his head again your juices were all over his face.
"S-Sorry about that," you blushed.
"It's fine you taste delicious," 
He removed his underwear and poised himself at your entrance.
"You ready?" He asked.
You nodded and he pushed himself into you.
You hissed in pain as he stayed still inside not moving trying not to hurt you.
He kissed your forehead "Can I move?"
You lightly nodded as he thrusted at a slow pace increasing unexpectedly he slammed into you hitting your g-spot 
"Ahhh!" You screamed loudly not caring if anyone heard you.
"Gah~ _____ you're so tight," 
He put your legs over his shoulder grabbing your thighs to thrust further into you.
You felt a knot in your stomach grow tighter and tighter by the second.
"CHEREN!" You screamed out grabbing the sheets with white knuckles 
"________!" He screamed out your name
The knot in your stomach broke and you felt Cheren's seed fill you up.
He plopped down Next to you.
Pulling the covers over you both bringing you into his chest which you gladly snuggled against.
"Love you Cheren," you said into his chest 
"As your boyfriend I love you too," he ears drooped down a sign he was finally relaxing.
"Don't you say 'As your best friend'?" You asked looking up to him.
"Yes but I'm not your best friend I'm your boyfriend," he played with a lock of (h/c) hair.
"I never understood you..but I still love you," you said 
He kissed your forehead," You should sleep so shhh
Made Cheren have sex.
Before you say anything I regret nothing :iconcherenplz:
I wuv him.
So I found a picture of neko Cheren and was inspired to write this.
Sorry for him being so OOC :iconshameplz:

Sorry good bye //sobs

Cheren (c) :iconnintendoplz:
You (c) :iconcherenplz:
Pokemon (c) :iconnintendoplz:
EDIT: Forgot to put lemon in the tittle!
Changed lemon
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